Trading Souls

Trading Souls

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Liner Notes: 

This song started with a random spatter of notes, then morphed and twisted into what it is now. I spent way longer on it than I intended to, but I'm pretty happy with the results, so I suppose it was worth it Smile


I think I just might explode tonight
My heart is straining my chest
The world is starting to glow tonight
Our love won't be suppressed

Our feet won't stay on the ground tonight
Our souls are tied to the clouds
There is a rhythm taking over
Just try and stop us now...

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this is one straange dance tune. first part is low key industrial, then a spooky metal cloud. the lyric is excellent, and the slow music intensifies behind it, disco beat follows the vocal passages and the snare finally kicks in with the anticopated rhythems. things really start to swing with the guitar solo. and soon the dance floor is swimming with hot sweaty flesh. interesting experimental piece,

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Cool drums from the start. Then the fuzz! Love the fuzz! You are having waaaay tooo much fun here! Smile

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Wow! A sense of restlessness building in the opening, then switches to a steady rhythm of determination and then the really cool vocals jump out! Well done!

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The tags brought me here.
The build of the atmosphere is cool.
Awesome vocals; also the fx on the vocals are fitting.
Nice bass pattern.
Nice guitar instrumental, really gives off the perfect feel for this.
Could've listened to a few more minutes of this.
Your effort was worth it, indeed.