Last Herd Of The Fall

Last Herd Of The Fall

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Last Herd Of The Fall

At Birkenstock general store in San Antone
We loaded old Cookie’s chuckwagon tall
Beef, beans, biscuits, salt pork, molasses and coffee
Now ready for the last herd of the Fall
At daybreak we started moving all the cattle
Joe and Bill were singing the Cattle Call
Two full days and we were settled down near Austin
Making time with the last herd of the Fall

On the drive the cattle stampeded everywhere
We rounded up strays with lassos and gloves
The longhorns were big and stout and dust filled the air
Wranglin’ them critters took a lot of shove
But soon they settled down and followed the cow trail
Cowboys were feelin’ fine and that ain’t all
Eatin’ jerky, dried apples, hearin’ Cookie yell
On the Chisholm Trail, last herd of the Fall

That cattle drive had no limits, no, none at all
Ridin’ herd at night brought no goodly joy
But day and night we all rode in the saddle tall
Cows ain’t as strong as a Texas cowboy
And no matter what the weather is, rain or shine
Cowboys love to hear little dogies bawl
When the weather changes we all can read the signs
Round ‘em up for the last herd of the Fall

Passing Waco and Fort Worth we spent some dollars
Old saloons and bars are not all the same
But the big trail boss came and rescued the brawlers
And in the end nobody was to blame
At last we crossed at the old Red River Station
Driving cows across the river was fun
On through the Oklahoma Indian Nation
All the way to Wichita on the run

Soon enough we reached the railhead at Abilene
Riding the Chisholm Trail’s a cowboy’s life
Sometimes it’s easy but sometimes it’s tough and mean
Through it all there ain’t no feud or much strife
Pardner, I’m a dyed in the wool Texas cowboy
And down here we don’t mind sayin’ to Y’all
If you want to ride, come with me and Bill and Roy
We’ll let you drive the last herd of the Fall

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