You Can Fly

You Can Fly

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Liner Notes: 

Another lyric I found in my recently rediscovered song-babies folder... Tweaked the lyric a little and created music for it. It's sort of a collab with my younger self. LOL This goes out to all the students who have struggled with family, personal, emotional, or health issues.


You Can Fly
Susan Cantey © 2019

I can see you sitting in the classroom,
Bright pink hair and dark brown eyes
I hear you singing in the shower,
Crying at the movies, sleeping on the couch
And you think your life is tough
And you think that you’re not smart
In the mirror, there’s a sad face staring back
You have no idea who you really are.

Don’t you know that you can fly, girl?
Take one deep breath and try, girl,
Inside an eagle wants to spread its wings
In you live amazing possibilities
If you can believe, and aim for the sky
You’ll find that you can fly!

I loved you before you were born.
I watched as you took those first few steps.
I was there the night your world crashed down.
I sent angels to hold you in their arms.
What you did in the dark nearly broke my heart
Damaged, torn, I saw you bleed
But you’ll always be beautiful to me.


You were never meant to fit in!
You were made to be amazing!


You can fly!

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This is beautiful and very encouraging. Nice work.

Wow what a great voice and the harmonies. This is lovely. Inspirational lyrics. Good stuff. Worth another couple of listens at least. Cheers.

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The acoustic guitar chords reminded me a bit of “Hotel California.” Nice!

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Looking at the lyrics...The first two lines are quite visual and paint the pictures. Next two lines bring in auditory...great idea! Next two lines a point of view about this person. The next two lines continue to describe the details of this person. The very solid first verse and has everything I like in songwriting. In other words, you used all of the techniques that I'm interested in with just the first verse...very nice. The next part is the encouragement "you can fly...take a breath and fly"...very nice. Nice visual with the eagle too. Next, a very powerful "I loved you before you were born" Suddenly disaster strikes and I'm not clear what happened but it sounds really bad. The next part is kind an unknown statement "you were never meant to fit in". I'm thinking she got involved with a bad crowd. Then we have "you are amazing...chorus..and you can fly. Very nice lyrics Susan and pro songwriting. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar...vocals now...sounds great....nice singing....can clearly understand the the mirrror, there's a sad face looking back...bass kicking in now...very strong vocals...good'll find that you can fly...nice hook...I loved you before you were born....but you'll always be beautiful to me...harmony vocals now...piano added were never meant to fit were meant to be amazing...very easy to listen to...outro now...very nice. Yes, this is a great song and demo. Very well done. Congratulations on another outstanding demo and song.

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Really nice, Susan. The harmonies are wonderful and the words are, too.

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I like the sentiment behind the lyrics. The chorus is wonderfully hopeful, enhanced by your harmonies.