I got lost

I got lost

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Liner Notes: 

The lyrics are written by @Acousticmaddie She tagged them as country and so I went for a minor key approach to match the sense of loss in the words.


1, I can still hear you voice calling for me
Behind endless rows of dead lights
My heart swallowed by one unknown soul
And make me beg for dark nights
Course The only way to hide
Is somewhere darker thank you
The screams from Hades burning parts
Are at least deep dark and true

I got lost in what was you and me
I got lost inone burnt dream
I got lost in old promises
I drowned in our stream

2, I tought it was love calling my name
Loud behind the glimmering rain
Blind I was lead by that voice
That made me insane


3, You burned every piece of me
And poured it out on lost ground
Todays nothing left of me
I am nowhere to be found
Chorus out

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love thise lyrics the music has that love potion #9 feel, with a quirky arrangement that crosses tom waits with spooky americana,

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This came together wonderfully! A bit eerie but with such a mix of so many different things. Great song!

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"I drowned in our stream"....great image right there among a lot of other visuals that elicit emotion. Every line has an interesting, unique and/or active sense to it...no word is wasted. I like the piano and how the drums are like an engine....the background vocals are effective to bring out the mystique and sense of being lost. Expressive vocal...well put together!

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I like the quirky feel here, very atmospheric and country. Very cool song and collaboration.

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Powerful emotional chorus that conveys the depths of dark intensity of falling blindly and deep for someone. Strong images with profound sense of loss in last verse. Really well written and the music with the soulful vocals captures the angst of the lyric well.

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Looking at the lyrics...verse 1 has dark undertones that I'm not familiar with but can sense it. I can still hear your voice calling me is clear and powerful. I had to look up Hades (Greek god The god of the underworld and ruler of the dead, son of Cronus and Rhea, brother of Zeus and Poseidon.). Then there is my heart swallowed by one unknown soul. Then I think the key is course the only way to hide is somewhere darker than you. Quite a bit there in the first verse and really interesting. I like to try to figure these things out but I'm not sure I'm there yet. The chorus delivers the bottom line about some kind of deception in a relationship. 2 unfolds the deception as false love. Next, a powerful statement about it made me insane. I'm not used to seeing this kind of writing and find it quite unique. I don't know if I get it or not but I like the way you wrote this. The last part todays nothing left of me I am nowhere to be found. Sounds like the classic broken heart and said in a way that I've never seen. Great job Maddie. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Drums...guitar...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...cool guitars...jazzy drums...vocals very stylish...I got lost...I thought it was love calling my name....behind the glimmering rain...that voice...made me insane...I got lost...very nice...today nothing left of me...I am nowhere to be found...I got lost in you and me...love the music...sounds awesome...very nice interpretation of the lyrics....I hear guitar and piano...organ. Cool outro. Roddy, you did an amazing demo on Maddie's awesome lyrics. This is a great collaboration.

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This has a lot heat for something so quiet. I love the way it shuffles along with a lot going one musically--but the music never obscures the plaintive vocal. The repetition of "I got lost" is super effective, and I like the subtle bvox. It's a scorched earth lyric that somehow doesn't come across as maudlin, just real and emotional. Lots of great lines, but I really like the one about the voice behind the glimmering rain

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Such intensity! Feels like passionate rock genre.