Capture Me

Capture Me

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Liner Notes: 

Not a huge fan of this one, but it's still a finished song so here it goes.


On my honour
Tell me where to sign
On my honour
For all of time

You have got my word
You know I can’t lie
Guess you’re stuck with this now
Never die, never die

Lay it out on the table
Like a last feast
You’re the only one who captures me

Seen all the big numbers
I love the odds
Making heavy eye contact with you
Vision of the gods

In the distant future
Someone’ll visit these ruins
Everything we said, everything we lost
Everything we’re doing

Laid out on the table
Like military plans
You’re the only one to capture me

Yeah, lay it out on the table
For all to see
On my honour, on my word,
You’re the only one who captures me

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i like the vaugeness of the lyric. is it an acceptence of a marriaage proposal by one who knows the marriage will not work? the misic is simple and catchy, light but possibly hinting at something heavier,

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A beautiful vulnerability to this one. Your voice carries the lines so well. At first, seems to be a straight-up declaration of love, but then there seem to be layers of meaning, too.
I really like this one. I've written a few lately that I didn't much care for at first, and I just finished them to be finishing them and moving on. But even those songs of mine are at least OK - to my ears, yours is far more than OK.

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Sometimes the ones we like the least reach out and touch others. This is a very sweet song.

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The melody, vibe, and mood this song sets is a keeper. Nice but edgy sentiment in the lyric.

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Another track that hits all the right buttons for this listener.
Also, the lyrics...I can't help but picture one of those table-top Dungeons and Dragons type games as an influence here...probably way off, though lol
Lovely regardless!