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trying out open tunings for the first time really. this one's from a joni mitchell (the queen of open tunings, so i had to start there!!) song...

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An accomplished feat, I'd say. I very much enjoyed the listen and your skill on the guitar is evident here. Nothing like channeling a little Joni - nothing wrong with that at all! Nice work!

Lovely guitar work. I'd never know you weren't very familiar with this tuning. It sounds like your a pro at it. It's very, very pretty. Love the harmonics to end it. That's perfection.

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have you considered... math rock... because good god. after the intro, the first two sections hit me really hard. i don't know how you manage to switch between wistful and heartwrenching so easily, but maybe bottle that up and spill it onto an album or something!

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Lovely to hear this, like all your electronic playfulness in a more tactile setting. Intriguing and beguiling.
When you start with anything Joni, things gotta get good...

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commenting again, because I need to. have you ever had a person look right through you, before? i'm not sure many songs have done that to me before, but this one does - it sees right through me. that's the only way I can accurately think of to describe its effect on me, and I wish that was just being dramatic.