Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank



Liner Notes: 

No 3 random chord progression. Chords chosen by random numbers from a newspaper story. Music formed using chordbot, exported to Reason then manipulated.
It got all electronic quite quickly even though it started as something else.
title suggested itself somehow


Lyrics are forming

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phoenixash's picture

Very energetic and rather different, but very good. Do say when it's ready so I can come back and give another listen

cts's picture

Very interesting the way this demo came about. I'm all too familiar with a song starting out with one intention and then ending up as another. I'm also interested in hearing the lyrics should you ever commit them to the demo. Nice work. I appreciated the listen!

fresh spotless youth's picture

Alright! Crisp, catchy, danceable. I like the way you continually rework the main melodic theme. It gives the song a sort of hypnotic quality

billwhite51's picture

looking forward to hearing this excellent track with has all the makings of a winner,.

sbs2018's picture

Oh boy, do I understand a song starting one way and finishing another. Love the beat underneath the synth and the way it picks up energy toward the end.