Boozy Pickle

Boozy Pickle

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Liner Notes: 

A guitar riff from a PBS documentary converted to banjo, a headline from an article about a special Bloody Mary ... and a new song!


You can never say no to a boozy pickle
Spend your dime spend your nickel

You can never say no to a boozy pickle
Make you fall off your tricycle

You can never say no to a boozy pickle
Makes you wise and philosophical

You can never say no to a boozy pickle
Slow that flow of tears down to a trickle

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arlo guthrie could have used these lyrics when he wrote the motorcycle song. songs about pickles are always funny, but songs about cucumbers have fallen out of fashion. who talks to cucumbers anyway?

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I was thinking of Arlo too and my cousin's vodka pickles-best I ever had! Cute song

I’m a philosipickle major - I love the spicy sucker punch brand - no msg or chems, just pickles

So, Bloody Mary with a stiff slice — sounds nice Wink

Another gud1 from a banjo-tarist player Smile

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Only thing that would have this even more perfect was a triangickle

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nice! and I have to say that the banjo (and that percussive way you play it) is just perfect for this, too!

love those banjo fills!

..down to a trickle!!

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Love the banjo. Creative concept. Catchy and quirky hook. Wonderfully fun rhymes/near rhymes.

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I see that @billwhite51 already mentioned Arlo Guthrie, so I won't talk about that. Smile
Great banjo work here.
The repetitive bits really work for me when interspersed with the fills.
I'm not sure what a "boozy pickle" is, but I do want one now.