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Liner Notes: 

In certain circles there are people who have $$, Power, and get the sex. There are principalities that war around in the atmosphere, and there are those who look to harness what is beyond them; to control others. Slaves, unfair laws, restriction, control. This person had it all until his greed; his lust got the best of him. And everyone else around him suffered for it.

The night is not always pleasant.

CTS sez: I normally don't like dropping a f-bombs in my music, but at the insistence of the other party involved, they are included.


There are powers in this world
Active powers in this world
I had power in this world
But then lost it in this world
Yes it cost me in this world
Now I got nothing to lose...

There are people in this world
Active people in this world
I loved some people in this world
But they didn't love me back
Now I hate them, too...


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good expression of a fact too many people fail to appreciate. thse who seek power do so in order to have sexual dominion over others. there is nobody who holds power who does not use it for purposes of sexual domination over underlings. it is a story that is not new and will never grow old. mark it well.

Interesting track musically and lyrically; great rhythmic melody and framed out demo arrangement - it works for me.

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Interesting experimental track, the middle more energetic section sounds almost like samba, but a deranged form of it. The spoken words are deep, both in pitch and thematic. I don't mind the f-bomb, in fact I wish I could use it more often.

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Oh, I really dig this! Very cool background, the rhythm is compelling, and the change into the chorus comes unexpectedly (Listening back I realize I heard the rhythm wrong the first time). The whole ambiance goes very well with the distorted vocals. Are this sampled or real guitars? This delay bit that fades out at the end caught my attention, it sounds artificial in a very interesting way.

Love this... grrrrooovve, lyrics that make you think excellent stuff.

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Well, this is certainly different. Love the bass and the volume changes. Very effective.