Covered In Pine!

Covered In Pine!

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Jerry here: Jimmy wrote this song a couple days ago. He listens to what I say and makes up songs about Yeah, we're working with refrain style writing a little bit this week and so I decided on another 3/4 time track. I never get to practice vocals ever so I sound raspy on this track. I always use a compressor gate on the vocals so it caught my attention during playback. No, the vocals are done and I'm moving on. Thanks Jimmy and thanks to everybody for listening.


His Whole Lawn Is Covered In Pine

He had some kind of wind storm today
It was all over the driveway
It's hot out there it is a 105
His Whole Lawn Is Covered In Pine

It's going to stay that way
He'll pick it up in a couple of days
It will take 20 or 30 minutes of his time
His Whole Lawn Is Covered In Pine

It shouldn't be that hard
When he wants to start
He has good rake back outside
His Whole Lawn Is Covered In Pine

It can't stay like that, no way
He put the garbage bags away
But he's not ready to come out in the sunshine
His Whole Lawn Is Covered In Pine

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I really like the instrumentation on this one! Fun lyrics.

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like bro. Your music and vocals sound awesome.

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never thought id hear you do a waltz, but is a suburban lawn party, so it fits. i like that surprise ending with the drums.

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Yeah no blazing guitars! Another side man! Love the backing music here as well.

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Love the waltz feel and the somewhat quirky buy believable lyrics. Love the sound and your delivery.

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Funny lyrics and very well performed. has a folksy touch ove rit. Nice collab.

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I like how the lyric focus on one detail. Pine needles. And the man's attitude of having to take care of the situation. Very relatable! The music has a good feel to it and expresses the sentiment well. Cool ending there with the drums!

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Very beautiful song and collaboration. I love the vibes, the feel of the waltz, folk and country. Brilliant singing, instrumentation and demo. I like the main tune and the backing voices. The drums added more fun Smile