That 70's Christmas

That 70's Christmas

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Liner Notes: 

I was missing my brother Bruce that died almost 11 years ago. I have some wonderful memories of one Christmas when he was home
from California.The bridge is in reference to my brother singing the German O Christmas Tree, because he thought the words sounded like
Cindy's Bladder. He'd sing it every Christmas.


That 70's Christmas
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I was thirteen
My brother was home
We found a tree
In the gently falling snow

His hair was long
The hill was steep
We sang a funny song
Sweet memories to keep

I'm older now than he ever got to be
But in my mind I can clearly see
That Christmas, that 70's Christmas
Under the tree he opened his gift
It was a songbook of Beatles hits
We have a photo of him holding it
That Christmas, that 70's Christmas

We sang songs
He played guitar
We siblings were
Quite the misshapen choir

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum
Wie treu sind deine Blatter!
My brother thought this version
Sounded like it said Cindy's bladder!

The years have past
But not the memories
Of a long ago Christmas
Back in the 70's

Repeat chorus

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i had just finished reading your lyric when i saw your comment on my summer of love song. although a decade apart, they both have a similar nostalgic feel. your verse gave me such a tender picture of what those 70s christmases must have been like. i am also missing my big sister now, as this is her birth month, and she left us way too early.

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Im last man standing in my family. Always miss siblings particularly on various anniversaries. But good to remember fun times. Nicely done.

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Wonderfully vivid and nostalgic. Paints a wonderful picture of a beautiful family Christmas. Well done!

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This is great! You pull us into this scene and makes us feel it. I really like the way those short lines in the beginning fall lightly, like that snow