Out For a Smoke

Out For a Smoke

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Going out for a smoke
To work out some things with some bloke
Confronting cumbersome locations
In and out Indian reservations

Time takes all from ourselves
So let's just leave it on the shelf
Feeling the breath of life
Permit me to commence at five

A good magic trick is a must
When writing for an ensemble cast
The critics have gathered tonight
To stop us from spreading delight

Still going out for a smoke
Giving out poems to kids on the block
They already have a band
And a mean drum from Swaziland

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Very interesting images here. Kind of curious how it will sound when you add music to it!

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that third verse is well put, although not all critics are out to kill. it is too bad their perspective can often be so costly to the artist, though/ looking forward to the musication.

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Yes, quite intriguing. The title got me to click. Also, been watching “Longmire” on Netflix so the “Res” line caught my attention. Curious about the music.

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Always interesting to see where the lyric will go! Nice one again.

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Lovely glimpse to some backstage perspectives. Love the line: “The critics have gathered tonight
To stop us from spreading delight”