Squeaky Wheel

Squeaky Wheel

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Liner Notes: 

Folk seemed to be into my superhero song (Thousand Offers) so here's one from the perspective of her love interest - always wondering when the hero might show up next.


Electric buzzing
I won’t kill
A wasp enjoys the city
From my windowsill
She’s just doing
Exactly what I do
Keeping watch for you

I break for lunch alone
Silent on the roof
Everyone’s got something
They want to prove
And as for me, I want
To justify the view
Keeping watch for you

You’ve jammed my settings
I don’t know how to feel
Flit between worry and pride
Like a squeaky wheel
Try to picture what your day is like
I haven’t got a clue
Keeping watch for you

Keeping watch for you.

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nice take on the superhero mystique.i love the opening with the wasp keeping watch for the superhero. very jaunty melody with a touch of melancholia in the vocal, suggesting an untraversable chasm between the girlfriend and her superhero over.

Nice song, for a friend; who wouldn't want to be the subject. Well done.

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Rally enjoyed the acoustic guitar with the breathy vocals - so much I didn’t even notice the story until I read the lyrics after. Cool and works well with the delivery.