Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

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Liner Notes: 

He's on the prowl....


Gingerbread Man

Public Service Announcement by Charles Bedraggled

Verse 1

Shadows come, Shadows go,
Something lurks in my window,
Casting Shadows on the wall
Will it catch me when I fall

Evil's on the move tonight
It may be wrong, it may be right
Feel his breath blow on my back
Hear the growl when he attacks

Break the flesh, tear the skin
Pay the price for all my sins
End my life with a single bite
My soul is on its own tonight


Catch me, catch me if you can
Can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man,
Break your fingers from your hand,
Spill your blood into the sand

Catch me, catch me if you can
Can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man,
Lock and load and take a stand,
You'll die anyway, I'm the gingerbread man

Verse 2

Across the barren desert sands
Hunting for the innocents
Taking shape with every kill
Bathing in the blood it spills

Watch the crowd march by my porch,
Join the mob and grab a torch,
Meet the monster head to head
When morning comes we might be dead

No one's left to tell the tale
How we fought, how we fell,
Write your own story tonight
You can't win, but you must fight

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good heay bass and drum sound for this dark variation on the gingerbread man rhyme.

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This was super heavy and sounded really cool! I loved everything about the music leading up to the vocal! It was kind of a talking singing rapping type of deal and I was grooving with it!

This has a Halloween vibe to it for sure! If there was ever a sequel to Nightmare Before Christmas, this song should be in it for sure!

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Dark and heavy, the atmosphere is perfect, your vocals are very interesting and even more melodious. I honestly could imagine a second voice here. You are changing my perspective on this type of music. Awesome