Looking That Way

Looking That Way



Liner Notes: 

The chord sequence in this song was decided randomly using dice.
Chords entered into chordbot and manipulated. Exported to Reason and messed around with.
When I envisioned this song I heard high pitched screeches for vocals. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) I had to sing this at 1am, so a fairly calm vocal.
Not a lot of lyrics as you can see. I can't think of a better title.
Dare I say I'm in danger of entering soul territory here.
Needs more Lyrics and a mid 8, with possibility a solo, but I think I'm going to leave this as it is, with no further expansion.


Looking That Way
Music and Lyrics M M Scullion ©2019

Oh when I see you looking that way
looking that way tonight
Oh when I see you looking that way
looking that way tonight

I look with fresh eyes
Like the first time
I set my eyes
On you

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coolparadiso's picture

vocals sound right to me - i guess there are many ways to play a song. has a really nice dreamy feel. the lyrics say a lot in few words/ good song this!

billwhite51's picture

i agree with coolparadiso. dreamy vocals are the way to go with this spacey arrangement.

phoenixash's picture

This is very groovy even though the overall arrangement is rather ethereal - I like it. Your voice is beautiful and matches this atmosphere very well. It's strong, but at the same time I can feel it as if you were singing right in behind me... which gives this a very, very sexy and erotic feel as well. Wow.