Not This Time

Not This Time



Liner Notes: 

This is my first attempt. Initial chords set during lunch hour.
Got the chord sequence from a random phrase in the sport section of the Scottish Daily Record. Put it into chordbot. Messed around a little. Exported to Reason at home. Messed around some more. Sang a one take guide vocal with starter lyrics. For a rough one take vocal there are elements I like and am reluctant to remove, hence the dilly dally.
It's been sitting around for ages. I need to update the vocals to match the lyrics, but can't find the time. Got fed up waiting, so stuck it up as is.
I like it, so I will revisit to change when time allows.


Not ThisTime
Music and Lyrics M M Scullion ©2019

I can see the signs, but not this time
I can read your mind, but not this time
You can see my worth, but not this time
You can tame the hurt, but not this time

Our love is always on my mind
Our love will never be defined by love

You can see the signs, but not this time
You can read my mind, but not this time
I can see your
worth, but not this time
I can tame the hurt, but not this time

Our love is always on my mind
Our love will never be defined by love

Broken dreams, Ugly scenes, form our love.
Passive violence, awkward silence, define our love.

Can we make up, not this time
will we break up...

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metalfoot's picture

Really great melody and I quite liked the song overall!

phoenixash's picture

Another great song. This one is way sadder and full of contained angst. I always hear the possibilities in the harmony and they are all very painful and beautiful. Very strong depth of sound and atmosphere. Congratulations

Chip Withrow's picture

I wish I could write songs like this! I love pop rock of all kinds, and this one has elements of '80s dance, '70s soul ballad, and still sounds totally fresh Maybe that's the mark of really good music - it's timeless.
Your voice is quite an instrument - emotional, melodic, takes time with each word.

splittybooms's picture

I was rewarded by my random digging through older tracks of people here.
The feel/vibe/atmosphere of this is very pleasing to my ears. The flowiness of the guitar and pads paired with your vocal style and the character of your voice.
I don't want to keep bringing up a single artists, constantly comparing someone to them, but again...I can't help but think of Alexis Taylor and Hot Chip.
I want to stress that is a very good thing for this particular listener, as I love his vocals paired with their great electronic vibe. I know your voice isn't as high as his, but it gives me that same kind of vibe, and its familiar, which I think makes me take to your song even more.
But standing on its own, your track is excellent in its current state and I am curious what it will sound like if you revise it further.
This captures a certain vibe that clicks with me.