This War

This War

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Liner Notes: 

My attempt at writing a round, using @Chandra83's lyric This War. Her lyric struck me immediately as one which I wanted to do music to and the idea of the round came after I'd set the music to each of the three verses and realized that with a little tweaking, it might work as a round. So here you go.

Hope you like it!


I crawl into bed
And turn out the light
Wondering how long
I can keep up this fight

The tears slip out
And roll down my cheek
I have never felt
So incredibly weak

I long for the knife
But leave it alone
As I fight this war
All on my own.

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I was hoping someone would pick up on this lyric and put some music to it.
I like the minimal mandolin - really effective.
The layered vocals are great!
Ooh, this is so good!
Fabulous collab, folks!!!

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wow, that's an impressive musical setting for this- and its a fine fine lyric as well.
great job, both of you!

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This is really fantastic! The sparse mandolin is perfect and the different melodies work so perfectly together! Love this and have learned something that I may want to try! Thanks! And I LOVE your vocals on this, Alex!

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Perfect sparse mando and I would not have thought of a round for this but it works!

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Just yesterday I commented on a collab with Chandra's other half. Something special about this lady's lyrics! Perfect idea to do this in a round to depict the intense downward spiral of depressive thought process. It's the turns in this that circular tunnel that make it so difficult to ever see the light at the end... But there's hope here too, in the lyric, and in the creativity that captured artful moments from both of you here.
Metalfoot, great going, my friend. I just posted my first and you're over 50 already. You go! Thanks for visiting my first and your always kind words.

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I love the space between each verse. It changes up the round form just a little bit and makes it more interesting. I also love the minimalist mandolin playing. I often feel like I have to do more more more, but music doesn't always need more. Sometimes less is more. This is fantastic. The lyrics are powerful and weighty and I think this was a surprising but effective use of round. Depression can feel like a vicious circle.

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Looking at the lyrics...powerful opening verse and the possibilities are unlimited. I'm thinking of a relationship matter. The second verse shows the meltdown. The last verse a state of hopelessness overcome by fighting off the demons. Nice job on this Chandra. I'm ready for the audio now...mandolin I think...I crawled into bed turn off the light...can clearly understand the lyrics. double track vocals now...triple track now...interesting sound...seems to work pretty good. As I fight this war all on my own. Yeah, quite unique lyrics and audio. Pretty powerful message and demo. I like it.