Cybernetic Highway

Cybernetic Highway

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Liner Notes: 

I guess I'm on an 80's kick. People liked to use the word cybernetic a lot in the 80's.

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The beat had me moving my feet! I'm a sucker for 80s pop so yeah.

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Ah yes! This makes me happy! I love the upbeat feel and the interplay of the different dancing layers on top of that great beat and fuzzy bottom bass.

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Yup a real foot tapper. really well put together - not over complicated and hits he nail perfectly.

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Guess they didn't know what the future was gonna be like. Very good mix of the categories here, I hear them all and they are superb. Great work. I feel robotic now, we must be living in the future.

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Oh yeah, reminded me a bit of “Flashdance.” Disco, 80s, House - all EDM! Way cool!