Lighter Hairs

Lighter Hairs

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song about a non-binary victim of domestic abuse, and how they run away with a nature spirit that hears their cry for help.


They sit in the driveway
Crushed up by the road
Knees to their sternum
Fighting off the cold

They used to be a redhead
How fire fades
Wisps of silver winding in
They call ‘em Sunset Grey

The wedding happened
Two decades back
He was six years senior
With a temper than ran black

Kept waiting for the coals
To glow
They’ll never get hot, baby
Too late to know

They say
Too hard to get out
The icebox catch has dropped
And I can’t run to nobody
When this man is all I’ve got
I’ve tried asking officers
And I’ve tried asking God
But no-one comes

Too often wonders
How they’re still alive
Came close at twenty eight
But now they’re forty five

Some shield of femininity
Protects their mind
Identity held close by chance
It’s just too hard for him to find

They say
He’s inside breaking things
And he’ll be wont for more
Impossible to play his game
When I can’t keep the score
I need a miracle
To show him the door
But no-one comes

And whispers on the wind
Like lighter hairs
Tumble over head and heel
Towards those ears of theirs

‘You’ll live to burn another day
‘Cos rain’s a-coming, Sunset Grey
I’ve seen how help’s thin on the ground
I’m bringing all the clouds around’

Some spirit of a righteous storm
Descends on Grey, bereft and warm
‘You’re in-between in many ways
But don’t you close on future days

I’m not a miracle
I’m retribution that’s experiencing delays’

The town was not expecting
How fast it came
Some kind of localised
and vicious hurricane

- Grey’s poor husband perished,
- The likes you never saw
- The floor burst in, he couldn’t pry open the cellar door.

And Grey was soon presumed to be
A victim who was swept to sea
And listener, if you know pain
Then you can sense them in the rain
They sat on the street one night
And something breathed their name

They used to be a redhead
White hot flames ablaze
Wisps of wind are winding in
They call ‘em Sunset Grey

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Very great and different premise, very good melody and how do you sing so softly with such strength. It's a mystery to me which only adds to this fairytale

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I love this so much. Gorgeous storytelling! Hooray for nonbinary protagonists!