Thousand Offers

Thousand Offers

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Liner Notes: 

A superpowered character I write about is working class, and a bit of a folk hero. She's not very well off, so the prompt made me think of her.


Don’t need riches, don’t want wealth
Show me kindness, give me health
Lend me mana, check our votes
I don’t trust the words emblazoned our notes

I lay myself across the line
And smudge out all the chalk
If crooks decide its placement
It’s a line I’ll never walk
There’s been a thousand offers
But I never take the cash
I give it back, I give it back, I give it back.

Don’t need treasure, all I crave
Is the combination to ensure they’re safe
Not to say that I won’t grossly misbehave
Try my best to be correct and dumb and brave

So used to being poor I know I’ll
See the hard times through
I don’t do this for money, love
I do it all for you
There’s been a thousand offers
But I never take the cash
I give it back, I give it back, I give it back.

If I ever take a fall
Know I did it for you all
Give donations to the hospitals and schools
Get corporations to play taxes by the rules

I don’t need a palace
I’m fine with my third floor flat
I’d love a working government
But you can’t purchase that
My powers are the people’s
I’m just picking up the slack
They’ll give it back, they’ll give it back, they’ll give it back

We give it back, we give it back, we give it back

I give it back, I give it back, I give it back

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Very clever and complete song! Very enjoyable and an excellent skirmish

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This is beautiful... I love your voice here, that melody is very, very good. I love that little note in the third line of the verses. I'm stunned that this is a skirmish. It's one of my favorites of the year, for real. This is good.

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What a treat to hear a new pokerowan tune as part of the skirmish!

Great tune and powerful lyrics.

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Very beautiful song, gorgeous singing and playing. Amazing take on skirmish.

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Love the idea of such a selfless superhero! Nice chord choices, melody and singing

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Your voice is so very sweet, and this song really brings out that quality.
That is one excellent chorus. Couldn't be more perfect.

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I love the tenderness in your great vocals! Absolutely beautiful in every way!

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Amazing. I love the delivery, the message, and the vibe. Smile

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Colorful poetry in the subtly stated protest song. The chorus is a winner. Glad you came to skirmish.

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There are....SO many things I love about this all hitting me at once.
First have a superpowered character...that you write about - that alone is super cool.
THEN, you take this theme about money and relate it to her financial status...the status of a super-powered person...THAT is doubly cool.
AND THEN...alllll these wonderful cleverly written and just awesome a friggin skirmish!
AAAANNND I was checking something on another site, I forgot that this was a 50/90 skirmish song and that I didn't actually have Spotify on playing through my library...I mean the way you sing is...good grief!
I don't even...

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Looking at the lyrics...the first section the first two lines work really well. The other two I don't know yet. The next section features the line there's been a thousand offers an opens my mind to wonder what exactly and who exactly is this person. I give it back is very clear too so quite interesting. The next part another twist don't need money just the combination...nice. The next part I do it all for you followed by I give it back hook. This is pretty good and intense at times. The next part if I ever take a fall know that I did it for you all...pretty good. The next part suggests that a working government, They'll give it all back. We give it back, I give it back, and out. Pretty strong write! Great skirmish.

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So creative and well conceived character development. The insight in the lyric and the message are so beautiful. The gentle acoustic delivery is absolutely gorgeous. Love the melody you crafted and the lovely vocals. Amazing skirmish!

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Very nice. Love the lyrical flow and the meaning behind them. Beautiful sweet vocal. Catchy melody. Good work.

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Wow, this is a lovely the kind of song that speaks for itself. It's one of those songs that's so good anyone could sing it and make it sound good, but your vocal is just completely gorgeous. That "I give it back" hook is gonna be in my head for a while

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Wonderful melody and a thought-provoking lyric -- amazing you knocked it off in a skirmish. The soft vocal is a clever cover for the harsh take on reality that the lyric offers. I could hear this song being used on TV or in a movie. Superbly done!