Left Behind

Left Behind

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Liner Notes: 

I'm always of two minds - about just about anything! With a slight nod to poet Elizabeth Bishop in the lyrics, and Lana Del Rey musically

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Do you remember all you knew?
Or is it best to forget?
What was once sweet perfume
Now fills you with regret

Past dreams wander away, lost
What’s the damage, what’s the cost?
Perhaps it’s part of some grand design
Some things are better off left behind

Letting go is an art
Some seldom master
Holding on to what should depart
Is flirting with disaster

What becomes of one without a quest?
Perhaps these thoughts should be laid to rest
And eliminated from my mind
Some things are better off left behind

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Almost thought it was gonna be like a gangsta rap track at the start. Sounds good.

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Very good!!!!!!!!!!1 I love the rawness of the instrumental, the melody you build is both sumptuous and tortuous, sexy too. - Letting go is an art - truer words have never been spoken... or rather sung with that awesome voice you've got.

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Very strong song, it's memorable, full of true emotion and reflective thoughts. Amazing story telling. I love your vocals and instrumentation. Amazing listen.

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Nice modern-sounding backing. The electric guitar adds punch while strings are classy. Good lyrics about the difficulty of letting go, that could be about a relationship or anything that has "passed" and is regretted. Great and emotional vocals too.