Chalk Hills Camp Dwells Forever

Chalk Hills Camp Dwells Forever

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Liner Notes: 

So the round challenge has inspired me to try some more rounds this 5090. Rounds are near and dear to my heart from my days at Chalk Hills Girl Scout Camp in the Wisconsin Northwoods on the Menominee River when I was a kid. Over the past few years I have also participated in round singing workshops at the National Women’s Music Festival. At the festival I also had the great please of meeting a former counselor, Rosemary, from Chalk Hills Camp. And although our times at camp did not overlap they were close enough that we remember some of the same wonderful people from camp. And Rosemary is now a wonderful festie friend who is kind enough to let me stand by her in the NWMF choir so I can almost stay on pitch.

Anyway, as I was writing a round the other day for 5090 it made me think of Camp and I thought it would be nice to do a camp round. I dedicate this to Rosemary!


Chalk Hills Camp dwells forever
in the hearts and souls of women
memories grow like lush forest ferns
as Chalk Hills gifts keep giving

Descant at the end: Menominee River

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This is a memorable tune and also has a nice nostalgic and longing feel to it. And it's a round! The higher melody at the end is a nice touch. So good to hear you sing, Liz.