Human blood

Human blood

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Human blood (50/90-2019 lofi demo)

Liner Notes: 

Well you can all hear my mood right now Smile


1. We are drowning in human blood
Lead by darkness hand
We can hear the children cry
From what was their land

We are the rapist of a nation
Rapist of decency
Were watching it happend
As we forgot about humanity

2, We can hear them scream
The children of long lost blood
We can still hear the parents call
While we are drowning in hades flood

We are the rapist of a nation
Rapist of decency
Were watching it happend
As we forgot about humanity

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a fresh burst of anger as the humanity in the human dwindles to damp kindling. so good to hear the stark sanity of your voice in this cauldron of complacency that the world has become.

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Ouch! I hear you girl though. Sharp commentary and I think a needed one. Incredible!

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Intense and impressive! Haunting the way you have the video going there with the images and you singing at the same time like that, too! Probably get more of an audience with video then with not (I have no video abilities, sadly)

You kept the exact target of the outrage somewhat vague, which can be both good and bad, I guess? Me, I'm usually more specific, as for me it feels more cathartic to call a situation out (not that i'll ever change minds, but hey, ya never know if its one more fact someone will absorb unconsiously) -- keeping it vague is a fine choice, but is of course, a choice. You might use this framework of this song to do something more specific too, down the line if you wanted.

Fine song and passionate performance! rock on!

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First, the title just pulled me right in. I have a long history of dark music.

Looking at the lyrics...section one has a lot of notable visuals...human blood...children cry. Strong chorus...we are the rapist of a nation. Yes, reminds me of the USA interference over the years. The next section has some auditory...we can hear them scream...nice. Also drowning in hades flood is quite visual. Yeah, pretty good...I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Scream....explosion...guitar...vocals now...sounds good...has a nice room sound...A little hard to hear the lyrics because the guitar playing is pretty hard. You can still hear it and it's a matter of the driving guitar in the vocal lane. I couldn't see the video because I was typing but I don't think you were singing into a mic. That would definitely give the vocals the lift over the guitar. You could try playing a little softer. It doesn't matter though and it still works. I took a good look at the lyrics to understand what this is. I like your's really good. You can play that guitar too.

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That, my friends, is how you write a political folk song. The anger and accusation strike like a hammer.

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Strong pointed lyrics that rip the conventional sociopolitical fabric to shreds creating an urgent unrest and discomfort, which effectively challenges the listener to think deeply about the dire state of current affairs in their world. Very effective to frame it with images of children and human blood to create a visceral response.