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Liner Notes: 

One of the nerdier joys is making new scientific words for stuff.


Sweating watercolours
Kicking up dry leaves
I’m losing time again
Still plagued by my inner thieves

Takes me a second
To recognise my own name
Stumbling through these woods again

I’ve got contacts
We never talk
Potential friends, I guess
The list is short

Squeeze my eyes shut
As images attempt to phase
I’m stumbling through the woods again

Keep hoping it’s over
But I’m never gonna escape
Find myself in the woods again

Stumbling through these woods again

I can’t ignore it
But digging up the bones means death
Can’t help but wonder
With every borrowed breath

Takes me a second
To recognise my own name

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song seems inspired by dantes line from the inferno “In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.” why is ,melancholia so pretty?

Good one, great sound, like the demo; — I make up words too, seems to annoy people (allot) but am ok w that Wink Uno? Tso, derUgo Smile