Get Your Mind

Get Your Mind

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Liner Notes: 

A self-imposed skirmish, written and recorded in about an hour and a half. Another in the "mind games" series...I suppose it can be called a series now, because there are three.



The sun is out
It’s Saturday
You should be well upon your way
But something pulls you back into your sanctuary

The world is looking
Shaky at best
Can’t get motivated but you can’t rest
It might as well already be January

The family shows up just in time
With or without you they’ll do fine
Sometimes you don’t even bother to remind them

The devil knows
You’re still around
He’ll never have to hunt you down
You always took your friends wherever you could find them

You know it’s true
You can’t deny
You once were a stand-up guy
Played the part like you really seemed to mean it

Could it be things have not
Changed that much
Perhaps you never really
lost your touch
Maybe it’s time for you to go out and scream it

So get your mind
Get your mind
Better get it free while there’s still time
Get it out of the gutter get it back somehow

Yeah get your mind
Get your mind
You never know what you might find
Go on out and get it, get it right now

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Thats a really nice song! Interesting lyric and well delivered.

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I kept circling back to the line, "you were once a stand up guy", and kept self-checking my own state of being. This is quite deep. I like the delivery on this one, my man.

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sanctuary and january is a good rhyme, as are others in this song. good to hear a song that exhorts someone to master their mind, essential advice in this day and age.

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Hey! Another self-imposed skirmish! We might be starting a trend here. Smile
The rhythm of the words is hypnotic. And the rhyming is wonderful. I'm totally gonna steal rhyming sanctuary with January.
Your delivery is sincere and heartfelt. I appreciate that a lot.
Also, these lyrics got to me. It's not often a set of words describes what's going on in my life so, so perfectly. "Can’t get motivated but you can’t rest" is exactly it. Beyond exactly in fact. Just about in tears by the end.
Good stuff!