Too Hot

Too Hot

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Liner Notes: 

After having a disastrous morning project today I decided to step back into my comfort zone for this song. For the locals here I'm sure they can totally relate but I know it's winter in Australia so probably not so much there. Yeah, this is Las Vegas weather and it's quite normal to be over 100 degrees every day during August. The lyrics were quite easy for me to write but I was on the rebound today and not exactly sticking to my desired plan. Jimmy reminded me this afternoon that I'm supposed to be painting pictures with words and it is a very good point. That didn't even cross my mind as I wrote this song. I simply summed up this particular day and my mood about having to go to the store. Also, we had some kind of wind storm that blew a bunch more pine on my front lawn again. I just picked up a bunch a couple days ago and I got bombed again today. Tomorrow morning I will clean that up. Jimmy is going write me a song about pine trees. Thanks for listening.

Production notes: I had problems. I felt that I was definitely singing in tune but melodyne kept saying, no dude, you are out of tune. I went ahead and went with melodyne tweaks on the vocals but I think I can do better performing this song live. This would be especially fun for me if I got my chance to play lead guitar live on this song...just take off on one of my 20 minutes I think this track is probably ok but I really haven't heard it yet. Currently uploading as I type. I'm a little concerned about the vocals production. I could redo the vocals and move this track to version 2. I don't know enough yet. Thanks again.


Too Hot

An August hot summer day
He expected it to be that way
Not that bad just one hundred and five
Still, he just stays inside
The air conditioner is on
Summer days are pretty long
Nothing is going wrong
He's sitting there writing another song

Too hot (to go to the store)
Too hot (to do his chores)
Too hot (it is one hundred and five)
Too hot (rather stay inside)

No more ants he took care of that
He used the bug guy Kason as a matter of fact
He does need to get up and go to the store
Just like he did the day before
Time to stock up on some more food
This song is already placed and queued
He has a time slot he's going to use
Some kind of rock but probably more blues

Steering wheel hot from sitting in the sun
Pine still dropping like rain
Not a single cloud in the sky
He's ready to get going so he can jam
Why does his cat try to bury its food?

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Write what you know, and it usually turns out pretty well! I don't like anything above about 95, cuz I'm a wimp. LOL
Up here in Canada we don't get many days above 90.

Liked the chord structure of the bridge a lot and enjoyed the shredding throughout!

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. It has a fun title and great lyrics. It was 89 degrees here but I liked it though lol.

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Yup great guitar! I thought vocals were fine. Melodyne is not always right. I dont use it now! I find if im outta tune melodyne just gives me a different kind of out of tune. Well done anyway i enjoyed it.

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I've mostly visited Vegas during the fall and winter seasons because it's much cheaper to stay at the MGM, but believe me, I wouldn't EVEN think about hanging out there during the summer. You've composed a very catchy, fun song. I was taken over by the bridge and that shredding moment, too. I'm learning how to play guitar proper and maybe in the next year or so I can get on this level. Keep 'em coming, man!

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it is cold here in Peru as well as in Australia, but i can always relate to rock and roll,,and you are a rock and roll machine. Id love to hear one of your 20 minute guitar solos live, but ill take them where i find them. i even like your unusually brief and relatively sedate one minute solo here. it has a nice, slow build to a semi shredding climax. your vocals sound fine to me.

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Oh I love the tempo and generall feeling of it. This feels like a classical radio song. very well written, catchy performance.

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Brilliant rocking song, very catchy, carries on the message of being too hot brilliantly. Would love to hear it on radio and in movies.