In My Heart

In My Heart

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Liner Notes: 

Well that was fun to actually do a round with someone else across the miles! We are singing together and just looping the parts. We each wrote 2 of the parts to Val’s guitar track. I looped it on GB and added some percussion. Started out with a 2 part round and went into 4 part. Thanks, Val!


I am here, you are there
North, South, East, West, up, down, right, left
We could be anywhere
Oceans apart in my heart

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That katpierce really started something. Very cool. Well done!

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How amazing! My husband said it sounds a bit like the Andrew Sisters Smile Sometimes I love technology!

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I can remember 'rounds' from when we were at school - how cool to bring them back Smile
I do like the harmonies in this. Your voices fit really nicely together and compliment each other.

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I'm so glad people are having fun with these. They're so much fun to write and so much fun to listen to! I like that you try some different things with this one and create a sort of bell curve of activity.

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This is beautiful, I loved the collaboration! Such a lovely song, catchy melody, the shaker in the percussion works perfectly, and I love when the voices sing different parts at the same time!

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Wow! This is super cool! Your voices sound great together. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.