Travel Fast or Travel Far

Travel Fast or Travel Far

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Liner Notes: 

Demo for skirmish prompt "the long journey"
From the well known proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."
Please tolerate the rhyme with "weren't."


© Mark Greenberg , August 17, 2019

When he first left home, it was good to be on his own
He wanted to go fast so he went alone
Then he learned that the journey’s long, so he must decide whether
To travel far is it best to go together

Sometimes the journey’s long, sometimes it’s urgent
So the strategies may be divergent
To travel fast or travel long, neither’s right or wrong
I wish the choice were easy—but it weren’t
To travel fast or travel long

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Very nice song, interesting thoughts and wonderful singing and playing. Very cool take on skirmish.

coolparadiso's picture

Good skirmish. Like the effects on the guitar. Interesting concept, shared or alone.

pokerowan's picture

That ambiguous 'he' pronoun is really intriguing in this. You did a lot with a very compact set of lyrics, so well done! Great skirmish!

JWHanberry's picture

A very concise treatment of the proverb. The story is told well. Milton couldn't have done any better. Wink

Amanda West's picture

You have absolutely no need to apologise for that rhyme ! It's very good, and creative. If all rhymes were perfect and predictable, how boring all the songs would be Smile Besides a slightly off rhyme makes the listener feel slightly less at ease, and will feel the not so good emotion a bit more Smile
Very good song, love it Smile
ps no need to pronounce all the syllables in weren't Smile

metalfoot's picture

A fine write. Never apologize for slant rhymes --sometimes they are the right word for the effect!
Good melody too.

Chip Withrow's picture

The guitar sound has some nice spacy-ness to it, as befits a journey. Your vocal is wise and rich and soulful. There's a lot of real life going on in this bittersweet song.

kahlo2013's picture

Love the emotion you deliver here! Nice chord progression that is perfect for the lyric. I love the insight and the message in the chorus - really brilliant. Your vocals are great! I would have loved to hear more with another verse! Wonderful song!

Fuzzy's picture

Great guitar sound; so swirly.
Nice soulful vocals.
Lovely lyrics - really good metaphor.
It really is a difficult choice sometimes.
Good work!

standup's picture

Love the phaser(?) on guitar, interesting atmosphere.

Good story. The urge to just go alone. The realization there's more to it.

I like the urgent/divergent rhyme, good one, and well-placed.

pfoo's picture

The weren't rhyme is totally fine. I guess everyone is different on the rhyme thing. I prefer loose rhymes myself, so of course it sounds fine to me.

I see it's a skirmish - nice job with the limited time!