Sing, sing sing (great as a grin)

Sing, sing sing (great as a grin)

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After some very heavy and somewhat political-themed songs lately (including one about slavery just posted a few days ago), I thought to myself 'jeez, what about just a straightforward happy song about good things, for a change?!!

So this is that song, started just after the 'slavery' one, and finished up the next day.

A little more production then I've been doing lately, tho very primitive- almost comically so- I recorded a guitar and vocal on this music memo app on the iPhone (which can give you some sort of bass and drums, both of which are here) imported to iPhone garage band, with lead guitar and two background vocal overdubs added.

enjoy, sing sing sing!

ps- this might work in the 'closing number' challenge.. or not?


Sometimes things are as great as a grin
They’re as right as rain, in a Gene Kelly movie
Sometimes every loss can feel like a win
And whatever you do, everything is groovy

Sometimes things go so correctly
That you find yourself saying directly

This is the greatest place the greatest time the greatest thing
Nothing left to do but sing sing sing

Sometimes it’s better than your wildest dreams
They’re a perfect ten, no wait make that twenty two!
And even had you thought up an outlandish scheme
Its like the universe was conspiring to make it all true

Sometimes things rise to the top
And everything you see starts to pop

This is the greatest place the greatest time the greatest thing
Nothing left to do but sing sing sing

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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It is nice to just let loose with a happy song. Love the jazzy way you did this!

Does just what it says in the tags. Although I guess that the snare on the one and three is Music Memo getting confused, it gives this a quirky, eccentric feel that suits the song perfectly!

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nothing wrong with protest but nice to hear a happy one sometime and this is happy and well done

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Just let it roll is sometimes the best way to go. Love the feel to this!

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Would love it if this were the closing number to the current act Smile

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Great idea to use this as a finale song live. It's upbeat, fun, and memorable, with just enough ironic twist to leave 'em thinking. Good job.
Thanks for taking time with my first and leaving kind words.

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So, after your mention of me where you talked about this song I had to come check it out - I now it took a while, but I'm a crazy boy - and boy oh boy it's as happy as they can come. I like the feeling of being happy no matter what. We'll sing sing sing no matter what comes our way, nice one Mike, it really is a show ender, the sing sing sing at the end should have us all singing along and cheering