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And I find myself in this strange place
That’s so familiar
Where I speak the language
But I fail to understand

And I find myself
In this cowardly old world
That never seems to change
It’s always been a place that’s strange

The people like me
Are never Just Like Me
And they don’t really like me
It’s not exciting
And I don’t find it inviting

I think I got built wrong
And now I can’t exist
In front of eyes

The distress remains unseen
When specific noises
Hurt me
When I’m pushed to shut myself inside this plaster cast

And all my life
I’m just trying to find a land
Where I speak the language
And I understand

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When I read Demilingual I thought Demigorgon (from Stranger Things) so I was expecting (for some reason) this crazy sci-fi underworld type tune. What I found was definitely not that.....and I couldn't be happier!

What I did find was flawless beauty. I found a really beautiful voice just singing some beautiful lyrics over a beautiful instrumental! Flawless beauty, remember? Have you been paying attention? LOL

I sure have and all I can say is flawless beauty. Thank you for giving me the privilege to hear this today.

Gud1 - indeed, if not built “right” can’t exist in front of i’s Wink

Demilingual’s a good word with great etymology...