I Am Loved

I Am Loved

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Liner Notes: 

My husband volunteered to bring the drinks & pick up the pizza for my welcome party for new students yesterday. That saved me a lot of trouble and allowed me to go in early and get all my paperwork done. Driving to school my heart started bursting with gratitude toward him and to God for how much they love me. I almost cried. I've had my share of heartaches, but here in my latter years, I have a husband who LOVES me, I mean really LOVES me and God has bless us soooo much these last 19 years, it's unbelievable. True love DOES exist folks. I didn't meet my true love until I was 50 years old, but MAN, was he ever worth the wait! So long story short, this song was birthed in my car on the way to school yesterday. The first verse doesn't segue the way I'd like. This one might deserve a rewrite after 5090 is over.


I Am Loved
Susan Cantey © 2019

I am loved, I am loved.
My heart is full, and I am loved.
I am loved, I am loved.
My heart overflows and I am loved.

I have a man who loves me,
my husband and my friend.
My partner, my lover,
He loves me and then
I realize God loves me too.
He whispers wisdom in my ear.
My Savior, my Jesus,
His Spirit lives in me.


The Creator of the universe,
the land and all the seas
The Lord of the dance,
He cares, he cares for me!
He loves me so much
that he gave his very life,
Then gave to me this man,
who loves, loves his wife!


I am loved!

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I am so happy you can express how much you are loved. I was 32 when I married, and have felt this way. Beautiful!

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This is so beautifully written and delivered - expressing the gift of love we are given by God and by those people He has shared with us. It is a wonderful song of both gratitude and praise. I love how your melody soars and fills my room with joy as I listened.

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Beautiful song! The way you sing with vibrato makes your voice sound so lovely and pure! I wish I could do that. Thank you for sharing this song. Your words are uplifting and they inspire.

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This is a fantastic gospel song and your voice soars dips and weaves with it.