Sleepin' In

Sleepin' In

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It's pouring rain here this morning and I got to thinking about another rainy day with my husband. Not sure the best genre?


Sleepin' In
© 2019 Cindy Prince

We are skin to skin
You are warm
We're snuggled close
We're form to form

We are lip to lip
You're all aglow
You squeeze me tight
We're toe to toe

We're sleepin' in
No place to be
We make love
So honestly
We're sleepin' in
Nowhere to go
I love you babe
I hope you know

Slow kisses
Freely given
Takes me girl
To your heaven

We are nose to nose
Your body is art
Together forever
Heart to heart

Repeat chorus

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Sweet! Someone's gonna snap this one up before I can snap my fingers! Smile

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Direct, honest, and each word counts. I can imagine a singer really lingering over each word and line. Country or soul genre, I think. Good one!