Andy Was Lucky He Got Away!

Andy Was Lucky He Got Away!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, Andy had his birthday with a game of chicken lol. Thanks, your friend Jimmy

Jerry Here: Demo added August 24, 2019. Thanks Jimmy and thanks to everybody for listening.


Andy Was Lucky He Got Away

Andy Was Lucky He Got Away
Playing that game of chicken today
Andy Was Lucky He Got Away
Destiny jumped up and saved him okay

His truck missed the cliff
Bobby let him live
It made his day better being o the fifth
It's the best birthday ever, he isn't sore and stiff


It was so cool today
It was simple for him to turn away
Now he was gone not even a trace
He is in a safe place

He considers it to be his home
His hands hung over Cindy's phone
He glanced quickly outside
Then he pulled the blinds

He got a message
Bobby was out of the wreckage
He isn't smiling about what he done
He leaped up and grabbed his shotgun
And put in the shells

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This is great! It has a powerful ominous feel with such an optimistic outcome. Kind of punches me in the gut and takes my breath away with the vivid imagery of what could have happened. Nice roller coaster ride of a birthday song!

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Looking at the lyrics...the chorus has the nice "a" rhymes and destiny jumps out at me. The first verse reminds me of playing chicken with the cars. Hard not to notice the cliff, stiff, and fifth rhymes. His birthday comes into focus as well in this section. The next section has the "a" rhymes again following the chorus with "a" rhymes and I think would flow off the tongue nicely. Also, simple for him to turn away brings the game of chicken back into focus. The next part brings in Cindy's phone...nice. Also, he pulled the blinds...nice. The bridge tells everything you need to know about what happened and shows Bobby get his shotgun and put in the shells. Very nice Jimmy and a great candidate for our off-board project.

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your vocals and guitar solo sounds awesome.