Trapped For A Minute

Trapped For A Minute



Liner Notes: 

I don't the first thing about trap music. Maybe this trap. Who knows? I did a tutorial on YouTube, and this is what I came up with. Learned some stuff. That's for sure.

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cindyrella's picture

This is gorgeous Val! Whatever you learned is fantastic. Awesome instrumental!

phoenixash's picture

Bold thick instrumentation in the beginning, the treatment and other instruments in the faster part are incredible. This is like most of the electronic songs I've heard so far. It always leaves me wanting more, I hope this gets another, longer, cut. Very good job.

kahlo2013's picture

I’m not sure I understand what trap music is (apparently I need to watch some YouTube) but regardless I enjoyed the sound of this from the heavy rhythmic start to the horn melody. Nice break and section transition.

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Wasn't what i was expecting from trap, but then i don't really know much about it either. This sounds like trailer music. With a few tweaks to the sound fonts, i could totally imagine this being in the advert for a computer game or TV series set in the middle ages with lots of sword fights

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Well, learning new stuff is always good.
And it seems like it really worked out for you!
I'm not sure what "trap music" is, though....
Really majestic and epic sounding.
Ooh, too short!!