Ineffective Parenting Techniques

Ineffective Parenting Techniques

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Liner Notes: 

Fuzzy here;

@marvsmooth sent me this music track, so I messed with it a little and then did the spoken word bits.

This is based on a true story; Mrs. Fuzzy and I went on vacation in March, and we had to listen to a mother ineffectively parenting her child with this kind of thing on the five-hour flight there, during the week at the hotel, and on the five-hour flight back, as well as in both airports.

It was pretty much constant.

Needless to say, James ran rampant the entire time.

While the mother looked after James, the father was off chatting up all the young ladies he could find, including the flight attendants on both airplanes.


This year I was thinking how much I love coming up with musical backing, and how I love collaborating with people in different ways.

This, and another piece already up, use instrumental pieces I gave to Fuzzy (I’ve sent some to others as well), with the idea of it being sprinkled with the collaborators’ own magic dust and cauldron spell casting.

Musically I had early eighties era King Crimson in mind, albeit using keyboards and melodica for the most part, although I hope people will notice the Fripp influenced guitar figure when it arrives, and thinking of that era of Crimson, I thought of Adrian Belew’s wild vocal stylings, which made me think that Fuzzy was the perfect partner for this, and I was right!

He’s really gone to town providing a great story, and wonderful execution.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Such an annoying concept for an interesting and even relaxing back ground music. I'm sorry for this woman, she can't control any of the men in her life and is trapped with both. Just made me think. Be glad, you were trapped with them for two plane rides, she's trapped with them forever.

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love the music and you have captured the irritation of enduring repetitive phrases from an intrusive voice. reminds me of the sort of thing laurie anderson used to do in her performing artist days,

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That could be grating after a while. (the James experience)

Nice track!

Thanks for reminding me of one of the (many) reasons why I hate air travel, guys. Smile

Interesting track. Reminds me more of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra than the Crims, but the minimalist patterns work well against the small child's histrionics.

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Oh yes. You bite your tongue! Very well described in words and music.

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great idea and I love the backing music. I am afraid if I listened over and over I'd be hypnotized! I like it!

Y'all ever watch Family Guy where they start to repeat something til it's beyond aggravating. This reminds me of that. I don't even know how you put up with that for an entire flight plus. But great track it's musically very intriguing and the lyrics make me laugh.

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That woman's apathetic monotone hit the spot. Modern zombie parents denied the right to smack and having no leverage with their kids other than bribery.
I didn't smack my kids because my dad used to belt me, and I ended up terrified of him and then hating him. In hindsight though I honestly don't know who got the better results, him or me.
Nice backing track. You're doing some great stuff Fuzzy.

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Too funny. Like @phoenixash said, the music backing is almost relaxing, thumb-piano sound and all. And then the endless and ineffective "James" just keeps repeating--it drives me mad. Glad our experience lasted only several minutes.

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The dad sounds like a complete dick. Poor kid, he's got a hard road ahead I'm guessing.

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Definitely hear the Crimson vibe. The robotic voice saying "Dave, Dave" and "James, James" is really eerie. The kid's screaming goes well with the music. I'll kill you!

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Wild piece! Hilarious story behind it too...musically, I dig how the repetition of the music and the words reinforces the concept of the piece.

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The tropical vibe and steel drum sound fits this perfectly. The chill feel with the repeating mom and annoying kid give this so much tension.
You went to Costa Rica, yes?
How did you not go up to this dad and not punch him in the face?
Are some of these actual sound clips? That'd be cool.

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Argh! Teacher anxiety just stoked in a huge way! This dynamic is really hard to work through and I have to do it for six years. Serious anxiety. Well done, but school starts on Tuesday so... nrgh!

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hehe this is great. love the james james james stop james i like the backing - works really well under. its a great laugh at the end of james enjoying winding his mother up. big smiles very enjoyable. nice collab both of you