Push-start the weekend

Push-start the weekend

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Liner Notes: 

Yesterday evening I wanted to do something really simple: monotonous bassline & monotonous drums. I added guitar which also plays the same thing over and over.
If someone has an idea for this I can provide the stems for the instruments.
Just contact me if you want to add something, sing (or scream) over it etc.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It's interesting how you describe it with the words monotonous but they are so exciting and thrilling. the guitar adds a nice touch and it indeed has lots of space for vocals! Good one.

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I think it works well, not overly complex but nice an airy yet tight enough and leaves space for vocal development.

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Yes, it's just one four-bar "riff" repeated but it doesn't sound monotonous, not at first. Actually, every instrument sounds a bit like XTC circa Drums and Wires. That means I like this. The sounds and mix are also excellent. I'd be interested to do something with this but right now I don't have anything to go with this. So it's a maybe from Klaus and can't promise anything.

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This sounds cool and has an adventurous vibe to it. I get a positive feel. Doesn't sound monotonous...it's quite energetic and interesting!

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Rock 'n' roll! I really like the dirty energy of the guitar and the driving drums. Good stuff, I hope you get a collaborator for it (no time for anything myself right now or I'd give it a shot)

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Catchy stuff. Really, it sounds like a jam that works, in which drummer, bass player and guitar player have a great time. Love that thick bass, it matches really well with the drums.