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Liner Notes: 

Another one of my local history songs. No one really knows who he was, but he dressed in only leather for decades made a 365 mile loop through NY and CT over and over again. He had regular stops and people would offer him food, but he would never accept money and he would never stay the night. He was beloved along his route so much that when Connecticut enacted and anti vagrant law, they made a special exception for him. He's buried right down the road from me.

Here's actual photos and the story: https://www.npr.org/2011/05/26/136649653/leatherman-remains-a-mystery-even-in-death

I like the lyrics and it needs to be a round considering the nature of his life, but I'm not satisfied with the music at all. That will probably be a complete rewrite at some point.


Mile by mile and day by day
The Leatherman goes on his way
In a patchwork coat of leather scrap
Wooden shoes and a tattered cap

From where he came nobody knows
But round and round like a clock he goes
Forrestville down to the Sound
To Briarcliff and back around

And if he stops by your farm door
You shall be blessed forever more
Give him soup and give him bread
He's take no coin, nor room, nor bed.

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This has an Appalachian folk sound in its tone color and style. I like it a lot.

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I don't think it needs to be re-written. I enjoy very much the medieval sound it has, even you singing with yourself contributes to this feeling. It doesn't seem like something done this month but rather a good two hundred years ago. Super great!

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the music is wonderful, and the harmonies on the melody quite pleasing. the business of a round doest interest me nearly as much as the story of this man.

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First I thought you wrote a tune about the well known multi-tool... Fascinating story and good lyrics. Your choice to make it a round is just right. I can understand that you want to rewrite it - at first listen the music does not have the same quality as the lyrics. But it's good nevertheless!

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I really like the lyric and the idea of using it as a round. Definitely a keeper idea!

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Great use of the dulcimer here; good sound - I have trouble recording mine - all I get is the sound of the pick slapping on the strings rather than the string sound itself.
Good lyrics.
The vocals are a bit creepy to me for some reason.
There's a definite Appalachian/Medaeval Europe vibe here.
Yeah, I really like this!
Well done!

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That is a keeper. The story is brilliant. The song sounds as timeless as the mountains.