Give It All [Prod. by Malu}

Give It All [Prod. by Malu}

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Liner Notes: 

A friendly reminder to give your all in whatever you choose to do.


(They need a God up in a drought
Not that hard to figure out
Unforgiven, gave it back,
Wait, wait
Give and take, nothin free
Give it all to me)

I sit in a castle, I love how they give
Where do you stay? Not far from where i live
We compare the address, add it just like the stars
Put your past stress away, don't mess up my car
Everything is good, turn back, i think i should
Where these bars goin? Said the level nine thousand
Picture basic treble
Satan, devils
I'm shoutin
I cannot contain
A rebel brain
I'm bout it
My divine mouth, spiral out
This what I'm about
Different route
Took a dip in hotter waters
Had to turn the rhyme around
I know a boy who flip a brick
From where I sit, right by a pound
On the block that split yo wrist
It paint a picture, ironic
How the shit's so iconic
Funny how I got it
Another byproduct
Of the butterflies
All these other eyesockets
From the hustle, I rocket
Space hubble, star foxin', uh
Bar hoppin, get the car boppin
Like someone at the door with the hard knockin
The school of the poor, where I start, stop, and
Grew forevermore with my large noggin
I leveled up eleven times
I remember, I was level five
What I give just to give it all back
To be alive, to be petrified
Lie then I sever ties
Ruse. I lie, I'm better, why?
With eyes on a prize and I better lose
Cause everytime I do, I'm a better guy
I was told to advise you, you better move
Cause everytime I don't, then you never try
I could show you the life in a padded room
I could give you my life, now, let me die
In peace
Get the knife, kill me with each release
It's alright cause I like it
Just give me that sweet relief
Imma put you in my heart
Imma wear you on my sleeve
I could let you tear me 'part
If you just keep me at ease
I wear the humility on my face now
Don't even pity me, lying face down
I'm fine with patience, I'll just waste it away
I give it all every time
Can't replace it but, hey!

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Lyrics are intriguing. I'm not really that into hiphop but the delivery here is good. Nice work!

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Not sure I understand it, but it's really cool! Nice delivery!!

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This has a nice mood, beat and swag to it. I love the rhythmic use of language in parts and your voice is pleasant in the rap and in the sung part. Very good work!

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Yeah man LOVED IT

great delivery, what a top clever lyric
not easy to perform this but nice one

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I was kind of anxious to hear your flow. I was expecting something fast and hard over the soft and slow beat. I was surprised, and in a great way! When the rapping kicked in, I was happy it wasn't super hard and fast!

I just kind of sat back and listened and got lost in the bars. It was an enjoyable listen...a lot of craziness going on in this one! Not bad at all! Biggrin