I'm a Woman

I'm a Woman

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Liner Notes: 

Found the chorus (which I rewrote) and the first verse in my song babies (lyrics) file...the rest unfolded.


I’m a Woman
Susan Cantey © 2019

Good old Joe, my first beau
Took me all the way to Kokomo
Liked to dance with sweet romance
Left me in Detroit soon as he got the chance

I’m about to tell you what’s inside my head
You need to pay attention to every word I’ve said
No part time lover, no overnight thing
Need a man who’s strong ‘cause I’m a woman!

Got so tired of older men
Found a young boy with sweet young flesh
But what he said in his texts
I’m afraid it was anybody’s guess




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benjo's picture

sounds like this woman had some fun
but yeah when they're younger
you gotta get with it or else you look too old

really enjoyed this one

AndyGetch's picture

Ahh the song babies file. Glad this one was revived. It's got kind of a cougar-still-not-satisfied vibe going. Really like the bridge too!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Love it. Great use of rhyming. I did a misstake with one way younger one time haha damn I felt old. Thanks for reminding me Smile