She Had His Breakfast!

She Had His Breakfast!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, this guy had to make six eggs for breakfast lol. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


She Had His Breakfast

She Had His Breakfast
After he flipped and cooked it
She Had His Breakfast
He can't imagine how he missed it

He had the eggs in the pan
He had a plate in the other hand
He didn't toss it in the air
These eggs aren't over there


He made two more in six minutes
He added cheese and spinach
Then with her gone
His eating didn't take too long

She is washing the pans
She is washing the eggs off her hands
She likes the toast and yolks
This was just a joke

The night before, he had a breakfast plan
Suddenly, it all began
The eating and fun had to be done
As he headed to the kitchen
He was taking down the ham

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My hubby-man used to do that to me all the time. Funny here, not so great IRL.

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Looking at the lyrics...the first part has a twist in the last line he can't imagine how he missed The second eggs aren't over there. The next part has another twist, then with her gone his eating didn't take too long. The last verse is quite visual with her washing her hands and pretending she liked breakfast. The bridge has a nice turn around where it explains that the guy had a plan for breakfast. I also like the ham line. Great job on this Jimmy.