Trailer Park

Trailer Park

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Liner Notes: 

Hank Williams Ya'll!

It's got B T U's!


(General assembly of find young southern cultural heritage cannibals)

Verse Wun

Living' in the trailer Park
Cookin' meth, party hard
Bud light bottles in the yard,
Livin' in the trailer park,

Livin in the trailer park
Police show up after dark
Neighbors gone and broke the law
Livin in the trailer park,


Trailer Park, Trailer Park,
Living my life in a trailer park
Gravel Roads in a trailer park
Cars Won't start
Window Unitz

Verse seckONd (I reckon')

Livin' in the trailer park
Kissin' cousins gettin' off,
Mow the lawn once a month,
Livin' in the trailer park,

Livin' in the trailer park
Rotted teeth, fallin' off
Pregnant teens with stretch marks
Livin' in the trailer park

Core Us Junior

Trailer Park, Trailer Park
Met my wife in a trailer park
Nothing ever changes
Broken Hearts
Could you make it???????????????

Verz C

Livin' in the trailer park
Next door neighbor is a narc
Pontiacs that never start
Livn' in the trailer park

Livin' in the trailer park
Double wides on single lots
Bill's at work but Bubba's not,
Livin' in the trailer park,

More heapin' hell pin's of that there good um yum kerrus

(Family Reunion With All My Rowdy Friends - Make Cheese Grate Again!)

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Ha ha! Did you hire Tyler Perry? LOL This is soooo cute! Good instrumental treatment too.

Accurate and realistic, the interesting part Smile — well, the ones I experienced. What made me nervous, about TPs, so to speak, was, if the woman next door shot her house guest the 9mm round would go thru the next 6 trailers Wink

Oh well, hillbillies, dats how ittis.

Good one, well done - and PC too!