Step This Way

Step This Way

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Liner Notes: 

Self imposed skirmish. Gave myself an hour and half. Including stitching, typing, and uploading, it took me an hour 45. So close!

Stop listening to everyone and everything around you and think for yourself. The end.


Seems like you want someone to tell you what to do
Seems like you want someone else to tell you what’s true
Well step this way
‘Cause I’ve got
Good News for you

Take a look at this old book
It has parts old and new
There’s also these tarot cards
You could read the Tao of Pooh

Philosophers are big wind bags
They have a lot to say
So does this old Ouija board
And wise Walt in his day

Magic 8 balls know it all
All signs point to yes
So do monks and fortune tellers
They never have to guess

Charismatic TV preachers
Can show you the light
And so can the Quran and Gita
Hope there’s not a fight

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Self imposed skirmish, that's a great idea. And the lyrical concept is also a great idea, step right up, everyone's a winner, bargains galore! Well delivered and stated, and even the false start is kinda cool!

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Yeah, good idea for a song. I enjoyed all the familiar things that tell us truths! It's a fun song with an upbeat melody. Pretty vocal. Nice way to focus yourself by self-imposing limits! Under 2 hours is super quick...great job!

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Good skirmishing and the guitar style sounds like a page out of my book! Biggrin

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"Hope there's not a fight" lol I hate to tell ya it might've already happened...
Nice lyrics.
I like your confident guitar work.
This skirmish really worked out for you!

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I like the driving rhythm and the melody/phrasing in the chorus is really good. I like that used the magic 8 ball as well as the religious texts and philosophy in your lyric. You know how I feel about the whole mess. This is a good upbeat song. I could see this as one of the songs in your solo gig.