He's Clinging To His Nightmare!

He's Clinging To His Nightmare!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, here is a new song about a nightmare. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


He's Clinging To His Nightmare

He's Clinging To His Nightmare
In his half asleep despair
He's Clinging To His Nightmare
A voice told him to beware

While talking about the dream
It went up in coffee and nicotine
Saving him from the ending
Instead of it extending


He came to his feet, stretching his body
He walked around like a zombie
He didn't check the clock
Cos it couldn't stop

It works through his mediation
After he got into this situation
Then the pain in his mind
Making a new bed will be fine

He shoved the sheets off
They we're cutting through his thoughts
In an unlikely spot
When he sighed and walked
His face burned hot

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Good depiction of how nightmares go! (Just had one last night!)

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Looking at the lyrics...I like the last line in the chorus...a voice told him to beware. The next section he wakes up and has coffee and cigarette...very nice. The next part compares him to a zombie and tells that he doesn't care what time it is he is not going back to sleep. The pain is in his mind sums this up nicely. The bridge is quite visual on this too. I can see this guy tossing and turning. Great job on this Jimmy.