He Needs To Crash!

He Needs To Crash!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, here is a sequel to the song "He Needs A Nap". Thanks, your friend Jimmy


He Needs To Crash

He Needs To Crash
It was getting late he was watching TV
He Needs To Crash
He wants to eat and then go to sleep

He stopped into the kitchen
But most of the food in there is frozen
So he put out his cigarette
And tossed a sandwich onto the bed


He likes it
He likes it
He likes it
He has to stop eating it

And now he is snoring
And now his eyes are closing
He has to get up early in the morning
In another half hour he'd be going

His schedule today is coming up
He picked up a coffee cup
It was both relaxing and exciting
Now he is sitting
Now he is up

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Looking at the lyrics....the hook "he needs to crash" is really strong. The next line about watching TV is a good one too. Funny too that I usually do eat right before I crash. Sometimes it's a cupcake...lol. Love the food is frozen too...lol. Yeah, the whole song is quite visual and even the cigarette and toss the sandwich on the bed make me see it...very nice. Nice lift on he likes it part. The next part and now he's snoring is a crack up. By the time he falls asleep, it's time to get up. I think most people have been there and done that at least once or twice in their life. In my case, we're talking dozens of times. The bridge is a nice change-up bringing in the coffee cup and waking up. Great job on this Jimmy.