Devour You

Devour You

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Liner Notes: 

Another sort of lusty one I guess, but the word devour I heard, and this poured out. Needs sexy music and vocals.


Devour You
© 2019 Cindy Prince

You made me need
What I didn't know I wanted
Everything about you
Has me so haunted

You made me weak
Didn't know what hit me
All I can say now girl
Is come over and get me

I want to feel it all
Every single emotion
I want to rock you babe
Just like the ocean
You've got the power girl
I want to devour... want to devour you

You essence always lingers
What a sweet essence it is
The taste of you
The flavor of your kiss

You took my life
Twisted it knots
I need you now girl
Come connect the dots

Repeat chorus

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Hard rock would work just as well as something more sexy, I think.

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Chilling and sexy, the danger of a desire you can't control. Bite away.