Pretty Bones

Pretty Bones

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Another pastichey folk one - the third in what is becoming a real and proper series. I had the first chorus-thingy hanging around for a while, and I was wondering, why is this character singing about his dead lover? And then I realised what he had in mind. And then I realised it was Lord Saltoun, singing to Jeannie, who killed herself on the day he married her because she couldn't be with Annachie Gordon.

I'd like different lines for the second chorus-thingy but for now I couldn't think of anything half as good as the first one.


My true love lies beneath a stone
The worms caress her pretty bones
My true love lies beneath the earth
Her soft red mouth is filled with dirt

And while she lived, I never entered there
I loved the sunlight on her hair
And while she lived, she never called my name
No sepulchre is cold enough to quell this flame

My true love lies beneath a stone
The worms caress her pretty bones
My true love lies beneath the earth
Her soft red mouth is filled with dirt

And is it right that she should sleep alone?
I think of her when the cold wind moans
And is it fair that she always turned me down?
And still escapes me in her bed beneath the ground

My true love's eyes were black as coal
And still they burn within my soul
My true love's hair was fiery too
And death could never dull its scarlet hue

And now I rise, she will not tell me no
For her last words were long ago
And I will take the love that I deserve
My heart it lies on her, and it will not remove

My true love

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the gruesome side of romantic poetry, a dash of poe to the childe ballade. the music couldnt express the poetry better.... and the story is told with skill and passion. gorgeous performance on both guitar and vocals as well.

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Whoa, this is something! I am thinking Poe as well, and a great song it is!

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This is masterful. It works perfectly as is, but in my mind I kept hearing all the big epic orchestral arrangements it has space for. The way that you write it's so vivid, colorful and sad at the same time. It really makes you feel the love felt by the character and the woe it also provokes. You voice, so beautiful, gives all the emotional nuances for the piece. Marvelous, I loved it.

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Great lyrics, lovely folky feel the perfect vehicle to deliver these words!

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Wow! This is so very Celtic. Your voice is awesome and so is this song. The back story fits perfectly.

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This is proper hairs sticking up on the back of the neck material. Incredibly story-telling and glorious performance. Great song.

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Your words and voice are so beautifully haunting.