Stand Tall

Stand Tall

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Liner Notes: 

This was inspired by a Song Skirmish that I now have completely forgotten... It might have been "giants" as the theme but I can't remember and I got bored looking for it. I had an original chorus idea that I scrapped. This was a toughie - the chorus stretches my vocal range and it's amazing how I can nail some higher notes merely through having the belief I can do it. Very much in the vein of what I'm talking about lyrically.

Special shout out to my friend, Liz, for giving me a pep talk. I was feeling vulnerable and a bit embarrassed but she amped me up and gave me the support I needed to follow through. Thanks, Liz!


The stories we tell ourselves
That we are alone, unknown, and disposable
Keep us contained, restrained, and controllable
When we are wild, we are free

The fictions that we cling to
Our knuckles ache and shake from making fists
Release those fingers, let go of the wish
To be someone other than you

Head held high
Aligned with heaven and earth
We’re big
Enough to hold the universe
We are more than the I
In between our eyes
Look inside and see

Beyond the trees and mountains
Horizon lines disappear before us
Shine so bright, they can’t ignore us
Everything we need is at our feet

Our lives are gifts to open
What is inside hides for our eyes to see
Explore this life of endless possibility
Waiting for us to look within

Stand up tall
And all is in perspective
Look around
And see that we’re all connected
Open up to the light
Let it shine from Earth to Sky
Look around and see

(Instrumental Break)

Head held high
Aligned with heaven and earth
We’re big
Enough to hold the universe
We are more than the I
In between our eyes
Look inside and see
Look around and see
Our lives in clarity

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I want to stand tall with you! This is awesome and I send Liz's support. You are very talented and should remember that. Love it!

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positive message with strong rhythem and flexible vocals. those high notes sound good to me, as do the rest of them

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I could listen to this all night long
great vocal, great production, and loved
the arrangment on this
really enjoyed reading this lyric before listening
you got the talent sir without a doubt

I really hope you do collabs and you see something in my lyrics that makes you want to
put your magic stamp on them


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Very nice. And back to positive Smile no nasty colleagues or poop! Really nice song well done!

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Nice guitar groove and I like these lyrics.

The trick to having a big vocal range is just like...refusing to not have a big vocal range.

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This is really gorgeous, Nate! Beautifully uplifting and gently empowering message. It feels so supportive and encouraging. Really brilliant writing. And that lovely melody that soars brilliantly and sounds effortlessly with your vocals on the backdrop of guitar takes my breath away. love everything about this song!

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Your voice is so good on this song. I like the upper register on the chorus and I think it works wonderfully. This is very good. I'm enjoying it very much.