Disco Jam

Disco Jam

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Sometimes you're allowed to have fun...

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Disco beginning then some rock with some Blues guitar. I’m not good at classifying either. Must we? Lol! Rena McIntyre said the same thing. Cool sounds, though. I like it!

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This is a mix I think but whatever you call it-it is great! My toes are tapping right along.

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Oh yeah

this is a great mix
and it seems to flow seemlessly
from one to another
disco, rock, blues, and so on
fantastic bud you got something there
I loved it

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When you define you confine! Another great one, got me moving!

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Its a blues jam with some cool guitar playing. the drums are not disco, but the basic beat could work in the flow of a disco mix.

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Like the best of the seventies scrambled together with a little extra heat.YUM!