I Gave My Soul to Love

I Gave My Soul to Love

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Liner Notes: 

This is another short, lyric poem set to music.


I gave my Soul to Love
That Love might guide my Soul.
But love was not enought for Love
So now I walk alone

Like the poet in old age
Abandoned by the Goddess,
I gave my Soul to Love
And was left to wander soulless

I prayed for Love to take my Soul
And when my prayer was answered,
I was the happiest of all men.
But to Love it was Contagion.

The men who give their hearts to sin
Once gave their souls to love.
But love is not enough for Love
And the lovers are forsaken.

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I heard it in my head as - half way to a punk scream heavy heart beat kit slight tempo up — that be a fun song then Wink

Screaming - I gave my soul to loooooovvvvvfffffe Wink

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What a beautifully tender lyrical verse gorgeously rendered as a soulful ballad. As I listened I thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I have heard —- and then I came to comment and read the above comment and now can’t get a heavy metal screaming version out of my head... going to refresh my mind with the beautiful version when I listen again!

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Very tender and pretty ballad. Musically it seems partway between a folk song and hymn - very effective.

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Touching ballad! I think this is at the top of my list of favorites. Great!

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It has both the Romantic era ambience and a pinch of the good old rustic celtic ballad. Don't know about Venus, but Bacchus agrees.

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Soulfull, beautifull poetic. That one really caught my heart. Great done.

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This is beautiful, both lyrics and music. It's like some 50s Sun record, little bit like Elvis but the lyrics are more pessimistic like Johnny Cash. Short but to the point. Really nice soft singing gives an intimate feeling. Goddess of Love is not always very kind.

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Looking at the lyrics...wow, that first verse pretty heavy...let me keep moving. Abandoned by a Goddess...that's cool kind of moves the images to old Greece or something like that. I had to look up Contagion (a disease spread by contact) which makes your third verse even more powerful and continues to work well with the rest of the song to this point. The last section talks about men who gave their hearts to sin. This is a very interesting lyrics Bill and certainly well thought out and written. That's what you do though and I'm not surprised. I could never write stuff like this but it's always fun exploring your lyrics and hearing your songs. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar intro...vocals now...sounds good...can clearly understand the vocals...abandoned by the goddess...I was the happiest of all men...give their souls to love...nice guitar playing. Yeah, I have the fan on right now and couldn't hear as well as I normally can. I also have this TV on and a combination of things made it hard to give a good listen. I had an internet problem and had to reboot. I'll try playing it again right now. I gave my soul to love...now I walk alone...I gave my soul to love and was left to wonder...I pray for love to take my soul...and when my prayer was answered I was the happiest of all men....but....contagion...yeah, much better that time. Great song Bill. You have the whole package my friend. I like the picture too where it shows you headlining on Sunday at the Rainbow.