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Liner Notes: 

another half-improvised dreamy sketch on my guitar!! i like the chords i stumbled on in the contrasting section... might write something a little more structured with these chords soon hmmm

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this is cool, at once kinetic and dreamy. I really like the way you accent that note on the 3, which makes it really hypnotic for me. It's great how you move from that hypnotic bit to the jazzy frenetic movement, and then back again. Good stuff

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Enjoyed the joyfully optimistic smorgasbord of guitar sounds here.

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Beautiful piece, I always love your stuff!

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Beautiful, peaceful, and bittersweet. The studio fade at the end is perfect. The three different chords before the ritard (:42; 1:35) give me SUCH A FEELING. Pedal points, even for a few measures, can be so effective at evoking a feeling. I want to hear them on loop to build intensity and all the feelings. Are the first two chords of the three m9 to sus? I think it's reminding me of math rock, interestingly!